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06-27-2001, 12:10 PM
For those who are interested and don't know about it, there's an interesting review of DCA at The Advocate online -


My comments on the article follow.

I think the author did a great job. You could tell that the author enjoyed DCA as a whole but disliked some things (just like many of us) and brought up concerns that people might have.

I did think the picture of DTD that's misidentified as DCA is kind of strange and very unfortunate.

I think Disney marketing could definitely take a cue from the following comments by the author:

> If you're looking for Disney characters in the general sense, you'll be disappointed. Better to head to the right of the entrance and stick to the original park.

> If you're looking for a great American adventure, a park that shares the delights of one of America's most interesting states, then you've come to the right place.

I don't really understand why some people expect another Disneyland at DCA. My view is, if I want Disneyland, I'll just go there, and I don't want the exact same kind of thing across the esplanade. I like the different experience that I get at DCA, and it's too bad that Disney marketing doesn't understand that. I'm not saying that attendance would skyrocket if they had a proper marketing campaign, but at least they would be telling you really what to expect, so people could have an informed view of what DCA offers.

My favorite comment is as follows:

> The beauty of Paradise Pier is the feeling it offers. Visitors can close their eyes, feel the warm California sun on their faces and imagine themselves on the Coast, without the nasty smells and trash washing up on shore. It's a trip to a bygone era, a la squeaky clean Disney.

That's the most perfect description I've seen of Paradise Pier and completely explains why I love that area so much.

This author didn't much care for Superstar Limo either. Oh, well. Maybe I'm just a member of the quirky minority who actually likes this ride.

I also like the following comment:

> While in "Hollywood," be sure and notice all the details on the faux fronts, names on doors such as Philip A. Couch Casting Agency and Dr. Nipantuck. Like Disneyland, the beauty of this park is in the details.

I completely agree with the last sentence. I know DCA has been criticized for not having theming and that the small things are lacking, but I completely disagree. There are so many little touches at DCA that aren't neon-light noticeable but that combine to add to the atmosphere.

Nice to see that someone in the press corps appreciates what DCA has to offer. Some of us have had that opinion for months.

Ralph Wiggum
06-27-2001, 12:40 PM
That quote for the Pier IS perfect, your right.

Thanx for sharing.