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04-25-2008, 07:03 AM
First off thank you for all of my forever asking questions. I took all of them to make a terrific vacation I do appreaciate it very much.

20th. wedding anniversary vacation June21-29th.
4 times to wdw
7 day park hopper, no water park this trip
using dreams unlimited travel

me-39 the 1 and only planner for this trip and every trip ever taken
husband-45 and will complain about something

June 21, 5:00am get automated call from american airlines regarding our flight and if it's on time. If so get up, kiss animals goodbye(maybe cry) and grab luggage and in car. Take car ride to local airport 35 minutes away. check luggage and through security(my favorite time,NOT) hopefully depart ontime and land in Largardia. did this instead of chicago husband wanted to see city from the plane. 90 minute layover so we can stretch our legs, depart again for orlando and land at 2:00pm. husband wants to get our own luggage so after that will be heading down to DME. Hopefully check into Pop by 3:30-4:00. Gargengrocer delivery 4:00-6:00 time frame. Reserved a frig. 1st night just chill at hotel grab a drink at pool bar and rest for 1st day out to MK and anniversary. Most likely will get a bite to eat at Pop.
June 22th.- up early for coffee and breakfast in room then down to bus stop 1 hour early to get to rope drop at MK. space mountain, haunted house,thunder mountain and splash mountain first thing then to smaller less popular rides for rest of day. anniversary dinner reservation at DTD rainforest at 6pm. back to pop for anniversary magical night time. lol (sorry couldnt resist)
June 23rd.- up early again for coffee and breakfast then down to bus for hollywood studios. at rope drop head to rocking rollercoaster. no tot for us this trip. then not sure what ride after that. will mostly be taking some mid day time breaks. I have a muscle disorder so breaks will keep me from dying. lol Im walking everyday now to get my legs in better walking order for the hot and humid weather we will encounter.
June 24- again up early for breakfast and coffee and then to bus to animal kingdom for rope drop. Will run to everest first thing then not to sure yet what we will do. will stay until I get tired and back to pop for late lunch and rest.
June 25-will sleep in some and do no parks and just chill at pool and go to dtd to shop and mcdonalds. yum yum...the muscles in my legs will be dead by then. need to take a mid week day off.
june 26- up early coffee and breakfast then head to bus for epcot. at rope drop we will head right to soarin then again dont know what we will do next. I guess we better look at the park maps to see what is real popular and get to them first thing in the morning. late lunch and break back at pop.
june 26,27,and 28th. will go back and revisit the parks and rides we love the best and i want to take the monorail to the 3 hotels and just get a ride. Also on our to do list is see when the fireworks, and maybe parades are going and see them. or skip the parade and do the less crowded rides for that time frame.
june 29- catch ME at 4:00 am (ouch) for plane departure 7:00am. booo

Anything you see we should do differently or add please mention it. this is just a base we are going on. husband wants this to be a laid back trip and just go with the flow and not rush. not sure if that is possible i said. Thanks for all your inputs. Now we just wait as hard as that is going to be.

04-25-2008, 01:42 PM
good idea about being laid back go slow , it will be hot & humid during your stay. make adr now for any special dinners . if you need to, rent a electric cart @ the park you are at as it can be a big help. also thunderstorms come through about 3:00 - 5:00 some days plan accordingly . but most of all enjoy the magic.

04-25-2008, 08:57 PM
Carry on! Sounds like you have a brilliant plan. Have a good trip and take lots of notes for your trip report!!!

04-28-2008, 03:29 AM
We did make a ADR for our anniversary dinner and will do mostly eating out of our room and counter service this time. If we change our minds I will call and see what is available at that time. But I wont hold my breath on that one. lol