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Thread: Dollar Values for Disneyland Meal Vouchers...

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    Dollar Values for Disneyland Meal Vouchers...

    Hey there.

    Just wondering if any of you can tell me what the dollar amount is for the Meal Vouchers -
    Obviously the $10 & $15 vouchers value at $10 & $15, but what about the others?
    Snacks? I've heard $5 and I've heard that now they're $6??
    What about the "Breakfast in the Park"?
    And then the Character meal vouchers? Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?

    I've been reading and from what I understand is that if I had them, I could use them however I choose...so if I went to Blue Bayou or Cafe Orleans, I could use one of the Character meal vouchers, right? Or for lunch I could use the "Breakfast in the Park" voucher up to that dollar amount (and pay the difference if applicable)? I DO understand also you NEVER get change back, so better to spend more than go under and not get change back.

    Thanks so much.


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    OK I just got mine in the mail this week. We got the 5 day plan and this is what we got:


    One breakfast in the park which can only be used at "breakfast in the park places (call for more infor) worth $8.61 can be used towards Minnie and Friends breakfast. (has to be in the park)

    One Character Breakfast worth $27.25 May be be used at any Character Breakfast does not have to be in the park.

    One lunch or dinner at a table-service location $27.25 May be used at a table service location within DLR including Ariel's Grotto

    One Dinner with Goofy $35.92 self explanitory

    Three snack vouchers for use in parks $6

    One $5 voucher

    Three $10 vouchers

    Two $15 vouvhers

    Children's Vouchers

    One Breakfast in the park voucher $8.61

    One Character Breakfast $14.86

    One Table-service lunch or dinner $17.34

    One Dinner with Goofy $14.86

    Three snack vouchers $6.00

    Two $5.00 vouchers

    Four $10.00 vouchers

    All non-demoninational vouchers, eg. character meals and snacks, include tax and gratuity.

    Hope this helps!


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    thanks so much!!! That's exactly what I needed to know!




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