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Thread: Anyone with first hand experience with DVC?

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    Anyone with first hand experience with DVC?

    So, I really am sorta interested in looking at the DVC more seriously, probably with my next trip to WDW likely in a year or two. I didn't get to their whole tour guide on my most recent trip, but it's always been something on my mind that I'd like to do eventually, and with a likely incoming promotion and such, I'll probably have a firmer financial footing to seriously consider this as I know I won't have my dad to bum around all the time for cheaper fares at Shades of Green (and let's face it, having stayed there for 5/6 trips, it is getting a bit old).

    So what I'm curious about is, how do other members like it? The points based system seems reasonable, granted I really haven't looked much at all at timeshares and other things in general so I'm trying to educate myself more on them, but are y'all generally happy with DVC if you have it? What sorts of problems have you had if you were dissatisfied with it? My main concern is, as I'm a single guy, this seems like a rather expensive option just for me unless I bring along friends/other family; is it mostly families that look at it, or are there other general singles who like Disney enough to want to become a member? And what other perks do they give, I know speaking with a kiosk person you get discounts on tickets and such, and I guess the stores must give one as that's about the first thing they all ask, but yeah...having not done their guide, I'm not really sure what the other perks are. And if no one minds discussing, what do the annual fees look like as well, I know they vary depending on your "home" property, and that there's a one-time initial fee too, and monthly there any other costs that aren't as obvious?

    Thanks for any advice you guys might have

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    Overall I am very happy with our Kidani Village DVC purchase. Me more so than my wife. I believe that we are currently ahead of the game although the yearly dues continue to chip away at the financial benefit of buying into DVC. And that is the one downside that I would warn people about. Depending on how many points you buy the yearly dues is significant and eats into the reasons for buying into a time share.
    Another thing that was kind of weird, for the first few years of being DVC owners it seemed like we were treated differently by cast members. Differently meaning we felt like second class citizens. It was odd and we have asked around about it but haven't gotten a good reason for it. It seems to have lessened over the years but it was pretty bizarre.
    And my final thought is that we would buy more points today if it wasn't for the annual dues.



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