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Thread: CA Neighbor pass first use

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    CA Neighbor pass first use

    I was looking at the blackout calendar for the CA Neighbor pass and saw asterisks next to some days and a note next to the "Come any day for the first day" saying admission is not guaranteed on days with expected high attendance. Does anyone know if those days are available at all or if pass admission is only cut off after the park hits a certain crowd level?

    -- Cindy

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    I have the Costco pass which is essentially the same thing. The first day was good on any day even blocked days as long as the park was not at capacity when entering. So go early in the day. Be sure you register the card online before you get to the park.

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    You have to register it online before you go. My sister was turned away at the gate in December, my friend and I got in fine. The day we went later turned out to be the second highest attendance day ever (they broke the record the following week). I do wonder if that language about high attendance days was added after that.

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    Oh they are notorious for changing after the fact. The last time we bought the Costco APs, they added dates during the year.

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    Another thing that happened was, my sister lost her pass, but we planned a trip on her birthday. She checked her friend's neighbor pass and online and in the app and it showed that the day was unblocked. We get there, and it's blocked. (I have a gold pass for parking, so even though we activated on the same day, we don't have the same blocks.) As long as you use the unique address on the back of your pass, those are the accurate blocks. One thing that was interesting was my sister's wasn't blocked on March 31st, which was a day off for LAUSD, but other people we know who activated more recently were. I guess they realized a lot of people might show up that day.



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