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Thread: Last movie seen, part 5

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    ...We're considering going to see this this week, but I've read a bunch of reviews that it's really loud and my father can't handle loud noises. He covers his ears during fireworks and at Captain EO back in the day. He won't do anything proactive like wear earplug or headphones, if anything he'll start trying to talk over the movie if he loses interest
    It's definitely loud. We always bring ear plugs to movies, so we were prepared anyway. But it was loud even with the ear plugs. During the battle scenes, I kept wondering how the other people in the theater were managing without any ear protection. No one else seemed to even notice.

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    I just checked and unfortunately AMC is not showing Dunkirk as one of its sensory friendly screenings. If dad's okay with the lights up a bit and the chance that someone else in the theater will act out, then the sensory friendly movies are a great way to see otherwise "too loud to enjoy" movies as they turn the volume down dramatically. I know (select) AMC shows sensory friendly kids movies 2 Saturday's a month and an adult flick 2 Tuesday's a month.

    We were at the theater yesterday getting ready for a birthday party and the sound coming out of some of the theaters was loud even in the hallway.

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    Thanks. We decided not to see it yet. My parents belong to a group that screens movies, and the schedule has gaps where it could be added, so they decided to save the money. I don't think it's leaving the theaters any time soon, so I may just go alone later.

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    Up In the Air - ironic timing. The music really makes the movie. Light on plot. It was entertaining enough.

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    "Maudie" -- lovely performances from Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke. Quiet story with great character development. Beautiful location, beautiful folk art.

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    War For The Planet of the Apes 8/10!

    Loving the Moon!

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    Logan Lucky - If I had known what the movie was about I probably would have rolled my eyes and said NO, but my husband had the showtimes wrong for the movie we were planning to see and this was the next best option. I'm glad we went, parts of it were really funny and overall the movie was amusing rather than being cringe-worthy (which to be frank was my assumption based on seeing the posters)


    There was an entire scene regarding Game of Thrones and the fact that the author still hasn't released the Winds of Winter, despite the HBO series now being ahead of the books plot wise. All I could think of was that the scene might not be as funny in a few years (decades?) when the final books finally come out, but everyone in the theater was laughing pretty hard right now.

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    Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul
    Not too bad for a family movie. There were some "gross" humor parts that made you go eeeeewwwwwwwwww..... but I think thats to be expected with this type of film.
    Overall, Ill give it a fair 7/10.

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