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Thread: Disneyland Resort Update

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    Disneyland Resort Update

    Disneyland Resort Update by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix
    Update for February 10 - 16, 2014
    Celebrate Gospel returns to Disney California Adventure | Passholders invited to Sing Along Under the Stars | Refurbishment revisited | Earl of Sandwich highlights menu changes | This and that... | Question of the Week | Crowd Forecast

    Read it here!

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    I want to leave a comment to enter the Earl of Sandwich contest but find no way to do that. The "leave a comment" section at the bottom doesn't allow postings there and only directs you here. So I'm asking for my entry to be taken here...

    No matter where you go, there you are!

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    Terry, you did it exactly right. To enter this contest, click on this link and post a comment.

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    This week's changes bring us an extention of the "it's a small world" refurbishment to install fall-protection measures in the ride.
    Where are people that they are more than 6 feet off the ground - Cast Members or Guests? (I think 6' is the level where fall protection is required - I could be off a couple feet on that)

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    We tried! :)

    Quote Originally Posted by AVP View Post
    Terry, you did it exactly right. To enter this contest, click on this link and post a comment.
    I looked forward to visiting the Earl of Sandwich this past November (Veterans Day week). It was on my "must-do" list. The Thanksgiving sandwich had my name all over it!!!

    However, the times we tried, the lines were out the door quite a ways and all of the spots in the tiny eating area were packed. Perhaps this is why the place isn't doing the great business like the WDW location?

    Discouraged, we gave up and I still regret it to this day....

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    I have not visited any Earl locations on the east coast but i know they have many in multiple states. and that, along with a long time presence at DTD, I think makes a visit to Earl in WDW's Downtown Disney very appealing. THis location in So Cal has only been here for a couple of years, right? Its too soon to expect it to be a monster yet. Also, as stated above, the lines I think turn some guests off (especially since there are only 2 cash registers and usually only 1 is manned). I like Earl, a lot, but I do know with lots of other options available to eat - and the parks just a walk down the block - there may not be as much incentive to eat at Earl. The WDW location is well away from any draw of the parks - if you're in DTD you won't break away and walk down to the entrance of one of the parks. Its more of a task to do that - so you may stay. This of course is just theorizing but it seems to me that, like everything else in So Cal and Disneyland, if there is a line and I can do something else, I will....

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    We've never gone there. My kiddo is a super picky eater and doesn't like sandwiches. And when it's just myself I just seem to find other places to go. Also I think it being way way down at the end from the parks doesn't help. It's kind of a schlep.

    It's only my list and I'll try it at some point.

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    Honestly, we are hardly ever down that far in DtD. I do want to try EoS though..
    Thank you again for all of your hard work.

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    Ive started riding the monorail a lot more since the Earl opened, looking forward to a brownie sandwich.

    A bientot

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    We love the EOS. The lines are long but seem to move quickly. Seating is a problem for sure and more inside seating would be nice. People seem to have issues sharing the long picnic tables outside but we always ask to share or offer when people are looking for a place to sit and eat.
    We have been to the EOS in San Antonio and it was dead. I think it is a novelty in WDW and like someone else said it is not near the parks, so it is a better option at DTD for dining. Plus WDW has a ton more people at the DTD location than DL DTD does. IMO

    Have a Disney Day!
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    I haven't eaten at this EoS, only the one at WDW, and it was a ZOO! I haven't been able to get hubby to go back because of the crowds (he likes sandwiches better than I do).

    Also AVP, I'm a bit embarrassed that I just noticed how you revamped the "Other Discounts" section of the update (I guess I just wasn't scrolling down far enough when I read the updates)...SIX MONTHS AGO (apparently, I checked - LOL!)! I especially like how you include a picture of the current 'puchase with purchase' items.

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    love, love, love earl of sandwich!! looking forward to the contest. thanks for the opportunity.

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    I too have never tried Earl of Sandwich. That far down town Disney I usually go to eat at the Hotel
    I love sandwiches but do require seating to eat.
    I will make point to try it this weekend when we are there and update you then

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    The monorail is a great idea!

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    My experience made the weekly update Now, if only I had taken the time to correct my spelling errors/inconsistencies during my 30 minute window to edit.

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    Smile Earl Of Sandwich

    Must say I enjoyed the bbq chicken sandwich while my wife had the chicken and berry almond salad. Good to see the salad was spinich not just lettuce. As for how to get more guests there how about someone dressed as the Earl handing out menus or samples closer to the monorail. Disney would probably frown on this as it would not be their character..

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    I have friends who tell me how much they love Earl of Sandwich. I haven't been able to muster up the desire, especially with the lines that I've seen when I've walked by. I know it's supposed to be a really good sandwich. I like sandwiches but they don't normally change my life, and I've got a few places that I go where I really like their sandwiches, so it's not like I'm in dire need of a good sandwich. May eventually make it there someday.

    I think the growling was my favorite part of the whole thing.
    I can confirm they do have amazing food, in addition to making good movies.
    The "matte painting" of the Golden Gate Bridge was beautiful! So lifelike. But I do like the old magician logo better. Dunno when they changed to the new lightbulb logo, which looks like it should be for GE.

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    We were so excited to learn that EOS was opening in DL's DTD. It's a must do whenever we're at WDW. So, the first night of our trip last February we made the long trek through DTD, waited in a line that was out the door, only to find that they were out of both the Holiday Turkey Sandwich and the Brownie Creme Sandwich. We chose different sandwiches and they were good, but we really wanted the holiday sandwich and the brownie sandwich. The price for the sandwich was over a dollar higher than the WDW EOS, but it seemed to have more meat. We made the trek again the next afternoon, only to find that they still didn't have the brownie creme sandwiches. When I asked the woman if she thought they might have them the next day, she replied that she didn't know because she doesn't work the next day. What?? At that point we gave up and decided that it would just be a WDW thing for us.

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    Terrific article as always!

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    can't wait to try their new menu would love a t shirt

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    I am so bummed. Pirates will be closed when I was planning to be there. I may have to rethink my entire trip. I would hate to miss that! And with how frequently we (don't) get to Disneyland, I would be so sad to miss it. In previous weeks, it showed that Space Mountain and even Soarin' Over California would be closed, and I could have lived with that... I was sad about Soarin', but Pirates!!!

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    We ate at Earl of Sandwich on our last trip and loved it. The place was busy but we ordered and got our food quickly. I like the idea of changing up the menu, I like trying new things. Hoping to win something

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    We love EOS, but also find that it seems like a long walk after a day in the parks. We still go often, but would go more if it was a little closer :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cstephens View Post
    I have friends who tell me how much they love Earl of Sandwich. I haven't been able to muster up the desire, especially with the lines that I've seen when I've walked by. I know it's supposed to be a really good sandwich. I like sandwiches but they don't normally change my life, and I've got a few places that I go where I really like their sandwiches, so it's not like I'm in dire need of a good sandwich. May eventually make it there someday.
    Don't get your hopes up. The sandwiches are fine, but I've yet to figure out why they're worth waiting in line for (have only eaten at the WDW one).

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    We love the Earl of Sandwich! Disneyland or Walt Disney World, we'll eat there more than once on every trip.

    Psst -- it's "receding," not "receeding." ("...revealed by the receeding water...")



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