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Thread: Disneyland Resort Update

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    Disneyland Resort Update

    Disneyland Resort Update by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix
    Update for February 3 - 9, 2014
    'Tomorrowland' filming scheduled at Disneyland | New discount on Annual Passes for DVC members | Records smashed during Half Marathon registration | Refurbishment roulette | DCL news | Mariachi Divas win Grammy award | Crowd Update

    Read it here!

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    Love the title: "Refurbishment Roulette" made me giggle.
    Thanks again for all of your hard work.

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    Thanks as always AVP! That refurbishment schedule is something; I also think they decided not to have 3 of their E-ticket attractions all offline at the same time during Spring Break to avoid the grumbling...I'm pleased that Space, Indy, & Soarin' all seem to have been spared during my next quickie trip I have scheduled for March 2-4!

    I also just wanted to remind you that you might want to update the Refurbishment Schedule that you carry forward every week to reflect the current (but ever-changing!) schedule - thanks!

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