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Thread: Parenting in the Parks: Planning Disney Family Adventures in 2014 and Beyond

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    Parenting in the Parks: Planning Disney Family Adventures in 2014 and Beyond

    Planning Disney Family Adventures in 2014 and Beyond by Adrienne Krock

    The Parenting Panel shares 2014 vacation plans.

    Read it here!

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    I gotta be honest. What is up with all this travel to Disney for a marathon? I can run at home and I hate it just fine - it's a necesary evil. Running at Disneyland won't make me like it anymore, and I certainly don't want to take anymore steps at theme park than I have to. But that's just me.

    I'm also at a crossroads for planning. We had a fantastic Disneyland trip last November, so I'm tempted to go back. It means a 6 hour road trip instead of flying. But for a few thousand more, I can enjoy a WDW trip that lasts 4 more days (if I get a really good deal). How do I decided? The worst part is waiting to see how much I get back from taxes. Once I see that, then I can decide where we're going. So for the next few months, it's just thinking about what we might do. Either one would be great!

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    Road trips can be fun, depending on children's ages and planning. If you've never done the extended stay Disney vacation and can afford it, that's worth a try. It's nice to have a day in the middle of a Disney vacation to actually just relax.
    I'm with you on the running and the lopsided bandwidth it gets on this site. I don't pay through the nose and give up vacation to do what I do for free at home. There are many fine, quiet and safe paths at WDW to run or walk without a good exercise habit becoming the focus of a family vacation. But as a stockholder I'm glad Disney's tapped into another steady revenue stream, as that crowd seems more concerned with merch than most niche groups.

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    When I plan my next trip to CA, I try to encompass as much of the trip as I can. I live in OR, so this will be one of the few weekends all year when I can absorb some sun and get a tan. Therefore, I want at least half a day at the beach. I want to be sure the Angels or Dodgers are in town. I want to plan brunch with my girlfriends. I want to plan a trip to the park that involves at least one day of gate-to-gate attendance, with a room nearby that my friends and I can crash in, so that we don't have to think about driving home after 16 hours in the park. Despite all I want, sometimes it's not feasible. I already requested my time off for 4th of July, my next desired time off, but if that doesn't come to be for whatever reason, I can plan for Halloween, a time in the park I haven't had in years. I will likely have to forego baseball, but if I can manage it, maybe the Chargers will be home that weekend and I can rent a car for a nice drive down to San Diego!

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    The reason I don't hate running anymore is *because* I can sign up for a race at WDW or Safari Park or a military base or the beach or anywhere else with an interesting course, cool medal, and a fun celebration at the finish. It works for me, and I'm in much better shape for it. To each his own.



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