Quantcast Tinker Bell Half Marathon Moving to Mother's Day in 2015
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Thread: Tinker Bell Half Marathon Moving to Mother's Day in 2015

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    Tinker Bell Half Marathon Moving to Mother's Day in 2015

    runDisney just announced today that the Tinker Bell Half Marathon will be moving to Mother's Day weekend in 2015, which will be May 7-10, 2015. This move makes it a little easier for those women wanting to complete the Coast to Coast challenge with the Tinker Bell and Princess Half Marathons. It also means that there's room for a new as-yet-unnamed race to be held at Disneyland earlier in the year. What do you think of the change?

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    I have mixed feelings about this. As a mother I wouldn't have an issue running a half marathon on Mothers Day if that's what I wanted to do. I went out of my way to run a 10k on my birthday this year, I felt it was my present to myself. But my parents are usually the ones who watch the kids so we can run, and I don't know how I feel about asking my mom to babysit on Mothers Day (though my kids are pretty much her favorite people in the world so she'd probably do it, or else my husband would sit out the race and watch them.)

    I imagine weather is probably more iffy in May, though not as bad as Labor Day Weekend.

    If this does in fact make room for a new Disneyland race in January, it's probably a good move all around.

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    If it is to make room for another race, that would be nice. But I'm not a fan of the Mother's Day weekend choice. It really is the day that I sleep in and just enjoy my family. (That is literally the gift I ask for each year, just to sleep in and lounge for the day.) I'll never want to wake up at 3am on Mother's Day to run. Plus it can get downright hot in Anaheim in May. If they were going to move the date, I would have loved to see a late March/early April "spring" race date.

    I have to wonder about the choice of Mother's Day weekend for this race. Part of me wonders if this is just a way for Disney to encourage moms who run this "women's race" to bring the family along. It seems that the Princess HM has become a great opportunity for a rare girlfriend-getaway, and I see many moms who leave their family behind to take part in that special event (I did too one year). On the other hand, I'd never leave my family for a girls' weekend on Mother's Day. Especially to Disneyland - I'd feel so bad!

    So for Princess you might have 4 race-entries traveling together, perhaps staying in a room together, one park-ticket per runner, etc. But for each race-entry for Tink you're more likely to have a runner PLUS the family in tow, one park ticket for the runner PLUS one for each family member, and all the food expense that goes with that. Am I being too cynical? Probably. I wish I knew what prompted this change.

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    Tinker Bell Half Marathon Moving to Mother's Day in 2015

    I personally am super happy about this, because it makes C2C 'sane' for me in 2015. WDW Marathon followed by Tink the following weekend was not something I was looking forward to.


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    I know the number crunchers at Disney are much smarter than I. However, I wonder about the community support. As the mom of a cheerleader, I would NOT be happy having to give up my Mother's Day to drive my girl to cheer all morning. As a runner, I could see it as a great family weekend, though. Imagine if you had two or three generations of moms doing the race together. That would be fun.

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    Don't assume the number crunchers are any smarter than any of us - they have made so many ridiculous decisions based purely on a financial rather than guest experience aspects that I've lost count of them all.

    Tracking comments on many of the other websites and general consensus is the move to Mother's Day is far from a brilliant idea. I'm not a mom so I can't speak to that aspect of the move but I've personally made the mistake of being in Disneyland over Mother's Day weekend - it's a ZOO! Crazy crowded conditions especially Sunday afternoon and the weather is much, much warmer than in January which is, of course, more challenging for running.

    Moving the run away from cooler January weather and lighter park crowds is a sad thing.


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    The move to Mother's Day knocks me out for next year. It does make me glad that I decided to run in the cool January this year.

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    Being without a mom for 5 years now, Mother's Day has been a very rough day for me every year, and I've been looking for ways to honor my late mom on that day. She loved Tinker Bell and Disneyland so much, and this move is PERFECT for me. For me, it gives that day purpose again, and I'm pretty excited about it.

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    Tinker Bell Half Marathon Moving to Mother's Day in 2015

    Disneyphile, so glad you will find a way to honor your mom with this! That's awesome.

    I have been on the fence about tink 2015 but this cements my decision not to do it. Mother's Day is my day with DH and the kids and I don't want to get up at 330am to run 13.1 miles. I'm sure we'll got to DL and cheer on our friends and team mates. I'm hoping there will still be a Mother's Day brunch somewhere at DL!

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