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Thread: D23 Destination: D event at DLR in August

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    D23 Destination: D event at DLR in August

    Anyone have any info on when tickets are going on sale for this event? Trying to convince DW that between Cars Land and t his event t hat it is a good trip for my birthday weekend. I suspect the price of the event may determine a yay or nay. Any info would be much appreciated!

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    I found an old post on another site with information from the 2010 event.
    the event itself was Sep 24 and 25. The tickets went on sale in July. So - you can maybe see that tickets would go on sale sometime in June for the August event. I have not seen anything officially announced - but I wonder if it may be delayed/overshadowed by all of the activity in DCA in June.

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    This was announced today:

    Tickets go on sale on April 18th.

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    Smile Is anyone from here going to Destination D?

    Just checking to see if anyone else from here will be going to Destination D.

    Do you plan to go? If so, which ticket are you going to get?

    We're trying to decide if we want to go with the "Diamond" tickets, which would cost the same as the "Sorcerer" tickets for the D23 Expo next year.

    They sure aren't giving us much time to decide about this before they open up the ticket sales next week!

    Karen W2

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    I can't even afford the standard ticket this time. I think the numbers would be around 1000 people max - so not sure if you need to spend the extra. If its like the past then all guests are in the same sessions each time. so the benefits of Diamond might not be as great as Sorcerer... but your mileage may vary.

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    Eek! Almost twice the price - worth almost twice as much???

    I looked at the link on your previous post and saw that last time's tickets were only $125 for DD, with it being $165 if you signed up a team for the Scavenger Hunt on that Sunday. I was going to look it up, but I'm glad I didn't have to.

    There isn't any mention of a scavenger hunt on the second day this time, it sounds like everything will be at the event hotel, unless you get the diamond ticket for the third day of activities.

    When I'm hit with all this info to have to decide on in a short amount of time, without all of my questions answered going into it, it makes me not want to make any decisions at all and just skip it altogether. We saw DVD last time and he was fun, but I don't know that the concert this time would be much different. Alan Menken would be fun to watch too.

    ARGH! We had more time to decide last time. We'll have to talk about it tomorrow and see what we end up deciding.

    Karen W2

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    Tickets went on sale this morning. So... who's going??

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    We've enjoyed the D23 Expos, but the Destination D events just haven't interested us. A lot of things that seem to be on the schedule for this year are things we've done at other Disney events, so there's no big draw for us. Plus, we're already attending another non-Disney event later in August, so we're not interested enough to take more time off to attend.

    Hope those that do attend have a good time though.

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    Smile My hubby and I are going!

    I got our tix this morning. I decided to go with the "cheap seats" (tho they're not really cheap at $450 for us, but they're cheaper than the 2 grand for "Diamond" tix!), since we just went to the pricey (but worth it) "Disneyland: Off the Map" and will be going with the Sorcerer package again for the D23 Expo next year, that we have to pay for THIS year!

    We enjoyed the first one, 2 years ago, with the exception of the way they did not do anything to keep people from cutting the line outside the building before each session. There was a guy who kept running in front of us, then once it got close to going in, all of a sudden 30 of his "family" arrived! This was really rude to us, since we had to camp out during lunch and dinner to keep our place in line, with my hubby going off to get food, while I stayed in my wheelchair in line solo. His group left, went to the parks, went shopping, etc., then jumped ahead of us and kept standing right on top of me in my chair - very rude!!

    So, since I didn't want to pay 2 grand to have reserved seats and the rest of the perks, we're going to try to talk to someone on staff, to see about how to make sure this doesn't happen again.

    Karen W2

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    A question for those who attended the last Destination D at DL: does it make a difference (large, small, etc.) whether one stays at the DLH or at an off property hotel (e.g. a Good Neighbor hotel on Harbor or Ball)? Is the convenience of being on the resort property "worth it" (I know that is such a subjective term)? The D23 group rates are tempting, but the off property rates are much lower.

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    Smile We thought it was very well worth it for us!

    We thought staying at the DLH was well worth it for us last time, especially since I'm in a wheelchair for these things, so it was very convenient to have a room in the same tower as the event.

    So much so, that when the date for the event was first announced, my hubby made reservations there and then was able to get them to change it to the group rate, when it was announced with our ticket purchase confirmation, instead of the ridiculous rate it was before that!!

    But your "guest experience" may vary.

    Karen W2

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    Thanks, Karen. That is helpful to know. By the way, if you manage to talk to someone at D23 about the line saving/cutting, post here so other can also contact this person. We've had that happen to us, too, and it is so frustrating. It happened at Expo last summer, and the CMs were quite inconsistent about dealing with it.



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