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Thread: What's a Silver Pass?

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    What's a Silver Pass?

    What is a Silver Pass? Who gets one (Cast Members?)? What are the benefits?

    Just a curious kitty.

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    It's given to retirees who've been with the company for a given amount of time. I can't remember the benefits that come with, though, apart from the obvious sign-in priveleges.

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    There are sign in priviledges and a very nice discount at DLR and the Disney Stores and WDW. From what I understand there are sign in priviledges at WDW also, CM previews, access to Co.D and other really cool stuff

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    Silver Pass is a corporate perk given to salaried employees above a certain level (or sometimes negotiated into a deal). It allows admission to company owned parks (CA and FLA but not Euro or Tokyo) for desingnee + three. It used to be good anytime, but I believe they are now adding blockout dates to some. It doesn't have discounts attached, as employee is given these as designated on WDC ID card.

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    Just to clarify a bit, Silver Passes can be used to obtain discounts (the discount code is printed at the bottom of the pass) but there is no special discount attached to a Silver Pass. These passes are also issued to the employee's spouse, and they can use them to sign in guests and use their spouse's discount without a company ID card.

    Also, a Silver Pass can be used to sign in guests an unlimited number of times per year, where normal Main Gate Passes (given to most CMs after the 90 or 120 day probationary period) can only be used 16 times a year.

    Blockout dates for all Main Gate and Silver passes are July 4-6 and December 25 - 31.

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    A Silver Pass is: a trinket 'earned' after fifteen years of working part-time, at substandard wages, bleeding for the company, and never being promoted to management.

    At least, that's what I saw.

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    Interesting. So the Silver Pass has changed over the years? My dad used to be in management in the Walt Disney Homevideo department from about 1982 to 1988. He had a Silver Pass that would allow him to get 8 people in. There was a special entrance so we didn't have to wait in line to get in the main gate. There was a special parking area up close to the main gate. He'd just show his pass at the parking booths and they'd redirect the car up to the front of the lot. He also used it for dining and merchandise discounts.

    Of course, after he left the company he lost the Silver Pass privileges.

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    Originally posted by Pan Flyer
    A Silver Pass is: a trinket 'earned' after fifteen years of working part-time, at substandard wages, bleeding for the company, and never being promoted to management.

    At least, that's what I saw.
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