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  1. Poll: Basic Team 19 - Club 34

    Our shirts capture a little-known event in Disney history. Zero has invited the other Disney dogs over to the Haunted Mansion for a night of poker. It looks like Percy is going to be the night's big...
  2. Poll: Basic Team 190 - Dory's Explorers

  3. Poll: Basic Team 182 - Mouseketeer


  4. Poll: Basic Team 99 - DL Cattle Co.

  5. Poll: Basic Team 181 - 2319! We have a 2319!

    (No larger version submitted)
  6. Poll: Basic Team 176 - Wild Cards


  7. Poll: Basic Team 160 - The Eyes of Mara

    Each player's name is different Marabic on the front name tag.

    http://www.mouseplanet.info/gallery/d/165224-2/B160-Front.jpg http://www.mouseplanet.info/gallery/d/165228-2/B160-Back.jpg
  8. Poll: Basic Team 128 - Poor Unfortunate Souls

    We are very excited to be competing in Card Games - Deuces Wild. We are a team made up of adult cousins who came of age during the Disney Renaissance. It seemed only fitting to name ourselves after...
  9. Poll: Basic Team 111 - It's a Family Thing

    Front design only, acrylic paint, and Mickey hats modified with blue feather tufts and acrylic paint.

    First time playing with all family members! Team name: It's A Family Thing :)
  10. Poll: Basic Team 105 - Mouse Lovin' Mommas

    Here are the Mouse Lovin' Mommas Tshirts. We are a group of 8 that had to split into two. We are all moms and of course we all love Disney so we call ourselves Mouse Loviní Mommas (after my...
  11. Poll: Basic Team 74 - Divas in Wonderland

  12. Poll: Basic Team 69 - Minnie Lovin' Mammas

    We are all moms and of course we all love Disney so we call ourselves Mouse Loviní Mommas! Since there are 8 of us, we split into two groups, one features Mickey, the other Minnie.

    Attached is...
  13. Poll: Basic Team 54 - Trader Sam's Head Sales Team

  14. Poll: Basic Team 33 - 3 Ladies and No Tramp

  15. Poll: Basic Team 15 - Pizza Planeteers

    Hi, Karen from Team Pizza Planeteers!

    Here's our t-shirt design for the upcoming MouseAdventures, designed by yours truly.

    Thank you for your consideration!
  16. Poll: Basic Team 14 - WikiWiki Mickey

    Mickey card silhouette is on the front of the shirts, words are on the back. All shirts are the same.

  17. Poll: Advanced Team 26 - The Other Mice

  18. Poll: Disneyland Resort Spring 2014 Team T Shirt Contest

    Hey teams!

    Here are all of the shirt designs submitted for the Spring 2014 Team Shirt Contest by the deadline.*

    Please vote for your favorite design, and we'll award a prize for fan favorite...
  19. Thread: AP Renew Notice

    by AVP

    It never occurred to me before, but now that the...

    It never occurred to me before, but now that the passes don't have the expiration date on them, some people may lose track of when their pass expires. I just asked my store manager when hers expired,...
  20. I'm pretty sure I've seen him in the past month...

    I'm pretty sure I've seen him in the past month or so, but I wouldn't swear to it.

  21. Sticky: Sure!

  22. Replies

    SOMEONE had better bring back photos...

    SOMEONE had better bring back photos...
  23. Disney Dream Another report...

    Another report says that Sofyan was the room steward (housekeeper) of the family's cabin, and that he lured the 13-year-old into an unoccupied cabin, where he kissed and fondled her.

    He is being...
  24. New Epcot After Hours Wind Down offered April 17 through September 15

    Just posted by the Disney Parks Blog

    My next trip to WDW is filling up fast with all these special added offerings.

    Additional info:

    I called to see if there were any menu details...
  25. Details of new Ultimate Day at Star Wars Weekends VIP tour

    Twitter user @scarlettashley1 posted a photo yesterday of a flyer advertising a new Ultimate Day at Star Wars Weekends offering at Disney Hollywood Studios. Since Disney has not officially released...
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