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  1. Did Mickey Sign a Prenup?

    Mickey and Minnie are headed for a divorce—from PhotoPass.

    Disneyland’s Entertainment Division had merged its PhotoPass and Character departments in late 2009. The idea was to facilitate the photographers working even more closely with the characters—much to
    the dismay of the increasingly-restricted performers, who referred to the union as a “shotgun wedding.”

    Over the coming weeks, however, Characters and PhotoPass will once again become separate departments. ...
  2. End of the Line for Disneylander "Slippery" Hicks

    Glenn “Slippery” Hicks, former longtime Disneylander, passed away December 3 at age 93.

    A native of Abilene, Texas, Glenn was a gunnery engineer during World War II, flying multiple bombing missions over Germany. He also served in the Korean War as a special investigator and retired from the military as a master sergeant.

    From there he joined Disneyland, spending 28 years as a manager, supervisor and director, where he earned the nickname “Slippery” for his propensity ...
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  3. Captain America Getting the Boot

    When Innoventions—er, I mean the Tomorrowland Expo Center—opens on November 16, the second-story Super Hero HQ will be missing a super hero.

    After 20 months on the job, Captain America will be on hiatus until just before the premiere of the film "Captain America: Civil War" on May 6, 2016. In his place will be the heavily-publicized debut of Spider-Man.

    The benching of Captain America has cast members scratching their heads. The only thing they can come up with is ...
  4. Disneyland Hanging Up Pay Phones

    About a month ago, construction walls popped up around the pay telephones at the Village Haus restaurant and at the exit for Space Mountain.

    The walls have since come down, and the phones are gone. The plan is going to remove all the pay telephones in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. The pay telephones will remain in Downtown Disney and at the hotels.

    The reason for removal is obvious. With most every guest carrying a mobile device, the pay phones have become ...
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  5. Disneyland Lays Out Plans to Evict Critters

    Earlier this week, Disneyland announced that the Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue would be closing by January 11, 2015, to make way for construction of the Star Wars land. What wasn’t shared is that January 10 is also slated to be the last day for the adjacent petting farm.

    “Both locations will enjoy one more Christmas season before disappearing. There is nothing planned for Halloween, as in the past, but around Christmas, Santa is supposed to be there,” a cast member shared. “It is sad ...
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