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  1. Disney Road Trip! Part 3 - Cabin Prep

    By now, we've got the vehicle physically ready and we prepared ourselves for the journey. There are some things that you still need to do in order to help with the journey itself. Some of these things may seem like common sense while others I'm sharing from experience. Regardless, before you pack item one it would be a good idea to get the inside of the car all ready.

    • Give the car a very good cleaning. Take some time to really vacuum the inside well. If needed, use some
  2. Disney Road Trip! Part 2 - Emergency Supplies

    Chance favors the prepared mind. – Louis Pasteur

    As a second part of the Road Trip series, I thought I would share with you a list of things that I carry in my car to help take care of things that might come about during our road trip. I need to tell you up front, I do take quite a few things with me but I am going to split up this list into different categories of importance. Well, at least from my point of view.

    Here are things that I think are the most important ...
  3. Club 55 Loses Ray VanDeWarker

    Ray VanDeWarker, the second to the last “Club 55er” to retire from Disneyland, passed away last night at the age of 79.

    He retired in 1996; Ray’s best friend from high school, Bob Penfield, who was hired by Disneyland into Operations at the same time, days before the park opened, became the last of the originals to retire a year later.

    Ray was foreman of the Indian War Canoes in 1963, when he and Penfield dreamed up the idea of the first cast member canoe race. Ray ...

    Updated 04-25-2016 at 07:31 AM by David Koenig

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  4. Disney Road Trip! A Pre-Trip Checklist

    This is going to be a bit different of an entry, but one that I think can help many of you that drive to your vacation destination. I mean, who wouldn't want to turn up "Holiday Road" on the radio or sing show tunes, or play the license plate game while driving.

    Whom am I kidding. I mean, my journey to Disney is about 19 hours of driving and it is nothing like what they show in the movie "Vacation." (The original one with Chevy Chase, not the remake. (Ew.)) ...
  5. runDisney serves up a major menu change for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon

    After putting registration on hold for the 2016 Wine & Dine Half Marathon, Disney today has announced a change to the race format and event weekend schedule that has some runners reconsidering their plans to participate this year.

    The Wine & Dine Half Marathon was unique among runDisney races in that it was the only remaining nighttime race on the annual schedule, with both the Tower ...
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