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  1. X-Files titles announced

    So Fox has, surprisingly late in the game, finally announced the full title of the new X-Files movie hitting theaters on July 25th:

    X-Files: I Want to Believe

    I can't say that it is a very compelling title. Frankly, it sounds a bit like a pop song. I know it is appropriate for X-Files, but still.

    I'm actually pretty excited by this movie but I have to wonder what its chances are in the busy summer blockbuster season. The first X-Files movie in 1998 (a decade ...
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  2. A Quantum of Bond

    So Sony has begun to release long lead promotional materials for the next James Bond movie A Quantum of Solace (I can't say that title fills me with excitement).

    Does the dirty blond Daniel Craig still do it for you?

    James Bond (Daniel Craig). Photo by Karen Ballard.

    Does it help if he's been knocked around a bit?

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  3. A Leatherheads Fumble?

    Nothing like a football movie to make newspaper headline writers happy. No matter what happens, when they do the post-weekend box office story, they'll have plenty of puns available with "fumble" or "touchdown" just being the lowest hanging of the fruit.

    And fumble is definitely the winner this weekend. But I have to wonder why that is. Can anybody really be very surprised? I love watching George Clooney on screen, he has outgrown some of his annoying quirks (early on in his movie career ...
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